Tools for Diversifying Your Staff and Sources

No matter who your audience is, there is no advantage to limiting your field of vision. Without a representative team shaping and reviewing content, important voices are missing. Essential viewpoints are ignored. Insights, imaginations, and connections are all left untapped.

Editors of Color can help you tap into a diverse and representative workforce, to create an exciting expansion of ideas, expertise, and perspectives. Our database highlights language and content editors, sensitivity readers, proofreaders, and other editorial professionals from underrepresented communities and cultures.

The world is undeniably rich and resplendent in color. If your editorial perspective isn’t, you’re missing a big part of the story.

If you are an editorial professional of color, join our database, and help us showcase your unique talents and qualifications to potential employers and clients.

If you need an editorial professional, take advantage of our free database, and find a candidate with the perfect qualifications and expertise to fit your needs.

To submit a job listing for distribution to our network, fill out this form and we’ll take it from there.

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