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Editors of Color Database

Thank you for exploring our database! Here you’ll find talented individuals from a rich range of racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, with a wide variety of interests, experience, and expertise. All of the candidates below have chosen to be listed in the Editors of Color database. Each has self-identified as a person of color and shared their own interests, expertise, and qualifications. 

Please note that Editors of Color is an open and inclusive database, and we do not “vet” our self-identified candidates. We encourage you to contact them directly to determine whether they might be a good fit for your panel, project, team, or company.

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First Name Demetrio
Last Name Ford
City/Town Marshall
State Virginia
Country U.S.
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First Name Laaleen
Last Name Sukhera
City/Town Toronto
Country Canada
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First Name Constance
Last Name Brossa
City/Town Charlotte
State North Carolina
Province/Territory NC
Country U.S.
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First Name Amber
Last Name Williams
City/Town Powder Springs
State Georgia
Country U.S.
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First Name Jesica
Last Name Vega
City/Town Tacoma
State Washington
Country U.S.
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