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Anuradha Vikram is a Los Angeles-based writer, curator, and educator, and the author of Decolonizing Culture, a collection of seventeen essays that address questions of race and gender parity in contemporary art spaces (Art Practical/Sming Sming Books, 2017). As a writer, she has contributed to ARTnews, Leonardo, KCET Artbound, Artillery, Hyperallergic, Daily Serving, Art Practical, The Brooklyn Rail, and OPEN SPACE, the blog of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; to catalogues on the work of Young Joon Kwak, Kal Spelletich, Sonya Rapoport, Chitra Ganesh, Ana Mendieta, and Om Prakash; and to the Paper Monument collection As radical, as mother, as salad, as shelter: what should art institutions do now? Vikram holds an MA in Curatorial Practice from California College of the Arts and a BS in Studio Art from New York University. She is faculty in the UCLA Department of Art, USC Roski School of Art and Design, and Otis College of Art and Design, a member of the Editorial Board of X-TRA, and an editor for X Topics, a subsidiary of X Artists’ Books.
Areas of Expertise
Children/Family, Diversity, Feminism, Economics, Film/Television, Folklore/Mythology, Food, Geography, History, Inclusive Language, LGBTQ+, Lifestyle, Literature/Books, Marginalized Communities, Marketing & Public Relations, Memoir, Music, Nonprofit Organizations, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Society/Culture, Technology, Travel, Visual Arts, Writing
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Academic/Scholarly, Commentary/Criticism, Creative Nonfiction (Literary), Experimental, Historical, Memoir, Personal, Poetry, Satire
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General, Historical, Mythology, Satire, Science Fiction
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Beta Reading, Coaching (Writing), Copyediting, Copywriting, Custom Style Guides, Desktop Publishing, Developmental Editing, Fact Checking, Interviews, Line Editing, Manuscript Evaluation, Permissions, Photo Editing, Proofreading, Research, Self-Publishing, Sensitivity Reading, Social Media Marketing, Writing
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Anthologies, Articles/Blogs, Biographies/Memoirs, Books, Brochures/Catalogs, Citations, Dissertations, E-books, Essays, Journals, Magazines, Newsletters, Newspapers, Novels, Poetry, Press Releases/Kits, Proposals, References, Reports, Resumes, Reviews, Scripts, Textbooks, Video Games, Videos, Websites
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