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I am a freelance editor with experience in both the arts and sciences. Copyediting and line editing for the environmental sciences and STEM education materials make up the bulk of my projects. Let me know how I can help! You can also contact me about related services such as proofreading, fact checking, and manuscript evaluations. I enjoy working with scientists, artists, academics, students, and people of diverse backgrounds, including people for whom English is not a native language. I have edited and written for diverse formats, including scientific journals, STEM curricula and instructional materials, theses and dissertations, proposals, presentations, book chapters, websites, social media, newsletters, and event materials (such as conference programs). My background is especially strong in the following areas: environment and ecology; water, food, and agriculture; science literacy; diversity issues (especially multicultural and LGBTQ+); teaching; dance; and contemplative practices. I have a personal interest in Asian American issues and mixed-race identity stemming from my Japanese heritage. I am a member of Northwest Editors Guild, the Council of Science Editors, and ACES, and I am a graduate of the University of Washington Editing Certificate Program. I have an MS degree in forestry and land resources and a graduate certificate in the integration of research, teaching, and learning from University of Wisconsin-Madison. My undergraduate degree from Cornell University is in chemistry and environmental studies. I live with my wife in the Pacific Northwest. Previously, I taught environmental science, quantitative reasoning, and writing to college students. I have studied Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese, though I am not currently fluent in any of them. Outside of editing and academia, I have also worked as a dancer and choreographer, and I have a passion for communicating environmental and scientific issues through the arts.
Areas of Expertise
Agriculture, Chemistry, Diversity, Earth Sciences, Education, Environment/Nature, Food, Geography, Inclusive Language, LGBTQ+, Music, Performing Arts
Other Areas
Nonfiction Genres
Academic/Scholarly, Children’s & Young Adult Books, Scientific, Technical
Fiction Genres
Editorial and Adjacent Services
Copyediting, Fact Checking, Line Editing, Manuscript Evaluation, Proofreading, Research, Sensitivity Reading
Other Services
Types of Media
Articles/Blogs, Books, Charts/Tables, Cookbooks/Recipes, Corporate Communications, Dissertations, Journals, Magazines, Newsletters, Proposals, Trade Publications, Reports, Textbooks, Websites
Other Media
Instructional Materials; Syllabi; Poster Presentations; PowerPoint-style Presentations; Conference, Performance, and Event Programs
Other Skills
Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides; Adobe Acrobat Reader (for proofreading); Chicago Manual of Style; AP Style; Scientific Style and Format; Music Theory (intermediate) and Piano; Basic Russian and Brazilian Portuguese; familiar with NGSS standards
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