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Write Connections | strategy + design, LLC.

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Jess worked in the nonprofit field for 25 years. She was responsible for organizational management and strategy, donor development, marketing, event planning, and program design. She spent 13 years working for a local United Way and during that time also sat on United Way Worldwide’s Diversity & Inclusion council, was a national trainer, and served on several global committees. She has lectured and presented on topics of diversity and inclusion, branding, and messaging. She specializes in topics around diversity and inclusion, strategic planning, marketing, and organizational development. She has authored numerous articles on diversity, equity, and inclusion and is considered very knowledgeable in this space. In 2019, she founded Write Connections | strategy + design, LLC. with a colleague. They are a recognized WMBE in the state of Indiana. Jess is a Certified FundRaising Professional (CFRE) who holds a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management. Her firm works with nonprofits, government, manufacturers, and even assisted in a US Congressional Campaign. They provide both strategy services and a broad menu of marketing (including web design, social media marketing, graphic design, videography/photography, and branding).
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Advertising, Entrepreneurship, Diversity, Ethics/Logic, LGBTQ+, Marginalized Communities, Marketing & Public Relations, Nonprofit Organizations, Writing
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Diversity & Inclusion, Fundraising, Strategic Planning
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Branding/Marketing, Design/Formatting, Interviews, Photography, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Writing
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Articles/Blogs, Brochures/Catalogs, Charts/Tables, Contests/Sweepstakes, Corporate Communications, Newsletters, Newspapers, Press Releases/Kits, Proposals, Resumes, Websites
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