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Jon Reyes is a Colombian American editor based in New York City. He is a multidisciplinary professional who believes that what ties all industries and people together is a good story. As a former publicity assistant at Penguin Random House, he not only deepened his love for narrative nonfiction, thriller & mystery, and memoir but came to understand the cardinal truth that a terrific story transcends any label and genre. His extensive work experience ranges from book publishing, music publishing, journalism, restaurant operations, corporate and private events, and television media. Jon received a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Music Business from Five Towns College. Jon is available for developmental edits that focus on big-picture elements and copy edits, proofreading, and sensitivity reads for many themes that include but are not limited to: Colombia, LGBTQIA (teens and adults), Latinx millennials, commercial music, and New York City. His list of chronic vices includes Angela Bassett, seltzer water, and bullet journaling. He currently lives in Harlem without a dog.
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Film/Television, Food, LGBTQ+, Memoir
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Commentary/Criticism, Memoir
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Crime/Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Suspense/Thriller
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Acquisitions, Copyediting, Custom Style Guides, Developmental Editing, Line Editing, Manuscript Evaluation, Proofreading, Sensitivity Reading
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