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I offer Proofreading, Fact-Checking and Copyediting with precision, alacrity and dedication. With more than two decades of experience in corporate and patent law firms on both coasts, I understand that lawyers love words as much as I! I have been a prolific reader since childhood and began writing stories and plays at an early age. In the family, it was believed that I would not be recognized unless I held a book in my hand. It was fun for me to read dictionaries and thesauri. My obsession then was invoking laughter, terror, melancholy, or euphoria working with this brilliant English language. My obsession now is developing a concise, dynamic and appropriate writing style for each client. The shelter-in-place in early  2020 offered me rare and magnificent opportunities -- to complete my first novel, and, to branch out from the corporate world to work and revel in the literary one.
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Diversity, History, Literature/Books, Performing Arts, Writing
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Historical, Memoir
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Crime/Mystery, Drama, Historical, Science Fiction
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Copyediting, Developmental Editing, Sensitivity Reading
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