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If you're looking for a seasoned digital newsperson who can think on the fly, out of the box and in cold and hot weather, then maybe we should be talking. More than anything else these days, we need people in the news business who understand multiple platforms can stay abreast of industry trends, are skilled at delivering timely, relevant content to the reader and know how to collaborate inside and outside the newsroom. That's what I'm good at and that's what I want to bring to you. So here's the package I bring to the table: * A newsman with an old-school work ethic and a strong belief in the First Amendment. * An experienced multimedia writer and editor with a background in print, and digital/online media. * An adept understanding of social media, how it contributes to reporting and the metrics that illustrate it. * An accurate journalist who is used to deadline driven environments and who thrives on breaking news. * A versatile reporter who can develop sources, explain stories well and bring new angles. * Proficiency with social media and an ability to use it in my reporting. * Years of expertise in Wordpress, SEO, and content management systems. * Extensive use of project management systems including Basecamp and Slack. Specialties: Writing and reporting on urban issues; breaking news; editing; CMS-based web production; also multimedia application experience including Photoshop, Soundtrack Pro and Final Cut. Please feel free to browse through my resume bot on Facebook Messenger: https://www.messenger.com/t/madisonjgraymedia
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