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Melissa Vera is a writer and student. She loves reading, writing, watching tv, and spending time with her dogs and cats. She loves helping others learn about diverse identities outside of their own experiences. She also loves being able to work alongside other well intentioned writers to create authentic and exciting stories. She loves being able to be a supporter and cheerleader in this often scary process. Writers are inherently brave for doing the work they do, and she likes to recognize that! As a queer, disabled, woman of color, she loves reading stories that reflect those identities, though she loves learning about different voices and experiences through literature. She has experience with Spanish to English code switching in texts. Her favorite genres are YA and Romance, especially when its characters are queer, disabled, and/or people of color! Feel free to reach out to her for more information on what her sensitivity reading specialties are.
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Diversity, Feminism, LGBTQ+, Religion/Spirituality
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Nonfiction Genres
Children’s & Young Adult Books, Commentary/Criticism, Creative Nonfiction (Literary), Diaries/Journals/Letters, Experimental, Historical, Humor, Memoir, Personal, Poetry, Satire
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Action/Adventure, Children’s & Young Adult Books, Comedy, Crime/Mystery, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, General, Historical, Horror, Mythology, New Adult, Romance, Satire, Science Fiction, Suspense/Thriller, Western
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Sensitivity Reading
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Anthologies, Essays, Magazines, Newsletters, Novels, Reviews, Scripts, Short Stories
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