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Your story is important and needs to be told—let me help you tell it through your voice. Even while line editing, the suggestions I make are all through your voice. The options I suggest are the options that I feel best that connect you and your voice to your reader. I will not change every “gonna” to “going to” if the style of your voice and your piece requires “gonna”—I may even suggest it at some point. Consistency for your reader is important. Without consistency, your message can become garbled, and inconsistencies can look like errors even if both options are technically correct. I keep a detailed style sheet that works in conjunction with either "The Chicago Manual of Style" when working on books or with AP style when working on business materials, news pieces, and the like. With book projects, the style sheet I create goes back to the author to help them keep track of the details too. I have officially been an editor since 2016, but I have been editing long before that. Past and current clients include independent authors, publishers, as well as a Fortune 500 company. I primarily work on fiction—such as young adult (YA) and fantasy—but I am also skilled at editing nonfiction—anything from TDS to narrative pieces to books, marketing materials for businesses, personal stories, and resumes and cover letters. If you feel like we would be a good fit, please reach out to me. I would love to hear about you and your project.
Areas of Expertise
Business, Diversity, Feminism, Folklore/Mythology, Inclusive Language, Personal Development (Self-Help), Plain Language
Other Areas
Nonfiction Genres
Creative Nonfiction (Literary), Personal
Fiction Genres
Children’s & Young Adult Books, Drama, Fantasy, General, Historical, New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction, Suspense/Thriller
Editorial and Adjacent Services
Beta Reading, Copyediting, Custom Style Guides, Line Editing, Proofreading, Self-Publishing
Other Services
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Books, E-books, Magazines, Novels, Trade Publications, Resumes, Short Stories, Websites
Other Media
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