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I graduated from the Sociology doctoral program at Florida State University, where I specialized in statistical methods and demography. Notable awards and achievements include fellowships from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health. I earned my B.A. in economics and sociology from the University of Colorado Denver. I have over 12 years of experience in consulting for small businesses across the country, in addition to leveraging data and statistical models to provide actionable insights for Fortune 500 companies. My consulting career began when I became a solopreneur to help leaders of small minority-owned businesses transition to the digital economy by building customized websites and launching strategic advertising and marketing campaigns. Together, my background and training enables me to successfully partner with business leaders from diverse industries to develop and implement strategic data-driven initiatives to increase efficiency and grow their bottom line. In addition to business and communications consulting, I am the Executive Editor of HEAL•THY•HABITS, an inclusive wellness publication, that I launched with FIT & NU, a habit-based wellness club that serves womxn of color.
Areas of Expertise
Entrepreneurship, Diversity, Feminism, Economics, Health/Medicine, Inclusive Language, Life Sciences, Lifestyle, Marginalized Communities, Marketing & Public Relations, Personal Development (Self-Help), Social Sciences, Society/Culture, Sociology, Technology, Writing
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Academic/Scholarly, Commentary/Criticism, Personal, Scientific, Technical
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Branding/Marketing, Coaching (Writing), Copyediting, Copywriting, Custom Style Guides, Design/Formatting, Fact Checking, HTML/CSS, Interviews, Line Editing, Manuscript Evaluation, Photo Editing, Photography, Proofreading, Research, Sensitivity Reading, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Writing
Other Services
Speech writing; policy communication; grant writing; data visualization; focus groups; customer journey; qualitative interviews and ethnography
Types of Media
Articles/Blogs, Brochures/Catalogs, Citations, Cookbooks/Recipes, Dissertations, How-To/DIY, Invitations, Journals, Newsletters, Press Releases/Kits, Proposals, Consumer Publications, References, Reports, Resumes, Reviews, Speeches, Surveys, Textbooks, Websites
Other Media
Other Skills
Professional Development; Teaching; Fact-checking
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