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Tia Ross, Editor
The Woodlands

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Tia Ross, owner and founder of WordWiser Ink Editorial, has 30+ years of writing and editorial experience. Once named one of the “Top 37 Book Doctors” in the U.S. by Writer’s Digest, Tia now focuses her editorial practice solely on copyediting and proofreading. Clients include Color Of Change, Southern Poverty Law Center, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, Moon Travel/Hatchette Book Group, and One Idea Press along with numerous attorneys and independent authors. She's also the Associate Editor of the upcoming "Black Sci-Fi Short Stories" anthology published by UK's FlameTree Publishing. In addition to her editorial experience, Tia is a technical writer specializing in knowledge base systems content and architecture and a programmer/developer skilled in editing, structuring, tagging, and optimizing content in website and intranet content management systems. She also has 20 years of legal editing and proofreading experience for some of the largest law firms in the country. She has an AA in technical and professional writing, an AAS in computer information technology with emphasis in software programming, and a BS in information science and technology. Tia is a former member-at-large of the Board of Directors of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the planner of the EFA conference since 2019. Learn more at tiarosseditor.com.
Areas of Expertise
Advertising, Business, Entrepreneurship, Children/Family, Computers/Electronics, Diversity, Ethics/Logic, Film/Television, Folklore/Mythology, History, Language/Linguistics, Law, Literature/Books, Marginalized Communities, Marketing & Public Relations, Memoir, Nonprofit Organizations, Personal Development (Self-Help), Plain Language, Technology, Travel, Writing
Other Areas
Technical writing - online help, knowledge base, how-to
Nonfiction Genres
Children’s & Young Adult Books, Creative Nonfiction (Literary), Diaries/Journals/Letters, Historical, Memoir, Personal, Technical
Fiction Genres
Action/Adventure, Children’s & Young Adult Books, Comedy, Crime/Mystery, Drama, Fantasy, General, Historical, Mythology, New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction, Suspense/Thriller
Editorial and Adjacent Services
Coaching (Writing), Copyediting, Custom Style Guides, Fact Checking, HTML/CSS, Proofreading, Research, SEO, Writing
Other Services
Types of Media
Articles/Blogs, Biographies/Memoirs, Books, Brochures/Catalogs, Charts/Tables, Citations, Contests/Sweepstakes, Corporate Communications, Directories, E-books, Essays, How-To/DIY, Journals, Magazines, Newsletters, Novels, Packaging, Proposals, Consumer Publications, Trade Publications, References, Reports, Reviews, Scripts, Short Stories, Surveys, Textbooks, Websites
Other Media
Tia Ross, Editor
Other Skills
Editing and proofreading in HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, SharePoint, MadCap Flare, HelpNDoc, RoboHelp, Acrobat, InDesign, InCopy, Pages, Word, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice
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